Intelligent Population Health Reporting

through Oberoi Disease Management

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Diabetes affects around 3.5 million individuals in the UK. Our comprehensive segmentation approach takes into account several factors, including the presence of CKD, HF, CVD and the calculated QRISK score.

There is no cure for Diabetes, but treatment can help relieve the symptoms and prevent progression of the disease.

The Oberoi Disease Management Digital Audit Platform for Diabetes is aligned to latest evidence-based guidelines for diabetes management & the 2015 NICE guideline (NG28) on Type 2 diabetes in adults.

The Oberoi Disease Management Diabetes module is dedicated to helping primary care organisations identify, intervene, and positively impact individuals living with diabetes.

Practice Baseline Report Snapshot

The Service Supports Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) to:

Validate the DM Register

Through identification of patients with Diabetes with missing coding, to place them on the QOF DM Register.

Optimise Medication

Through easy stratification of patients by comorbidities in line with the NICE guidelines (NG28).

Missing Tests & Readings

Target those at risk who are missing vital interventions (9 key care processes).


The Diabetes dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of key metrics (the DM register, ACR testing, ARB/ACE inhibitor & SGLT2i prescribing, blood pressure targets, lipid management & 9 key care processes) and insights to drive informed decision-making.

Our dashboards align seamlessly with the NHS organisational structure and are available at practice, PCN and ICB level, enabling benchmarking, easy comparison and tracking of key performance indicators.

With this alignment, our dashboard empowers PCNs and ICS to optimise care coordination, drive efficiency, and deliver patient-centered care. Providers can identify variations, share best practices, and drive resource allocation.