Intelligent Population Health Reporting

through Oberoi Disease Management

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A minimum 12-month contract, charged monthly.

The price of a single module (either HF, Diabetes, AF or CKD) is 12p+VAT per patient (based on practice population size).

If you purchase 2 modules, you will receive a 3rd module free of charge.

For each additional modules purchased, the further cost is 2p+VAT per patient.

Costings for a 10,000-patient population HCO:




Annual Cost


Monthly Cost





Annual Cost


Monthly Cost





Annual Cost


Monthly Cost


1 remote clinical day (Oberoi clinician) - £600+VAT

Additional 10% off annual cost when 3 clinical days are purchased

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

10,000-patient population HCO

ROI graph image

* Either HF, AF, CKD or Diabetes

** HF, AF and Diabetes

*** HF, AF, CKD and Diabetes

Our calculator is designed to help NHS customers calculate the ROI of implementing the Oberoi Disease Management Digital Audit Platform.

With this calculator, we aim to provide a transparent and data-driven approach to demonstrate how our platform can generate QOF income returns whilst improving patient outcomes, optimising resource allocation, and reducing healthcare costs.

By inputting your practice population specific to your HCO, you will see the potential financial impact and value the ODM Digital Audit Platform can bring to your primary care setting.

The graph shows the potential ROI for a HCO with a population of 10,000 patients purchasing either a single module or all four of our launch modules.

Calculate your ROI

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