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Welcome to the Oberoi Disease Management Digital Audit Platform, a quality improvement programme designed to support primary care providers in optimising medication in line with clinical guidelines for patients with chronic diseases and delivering high-quality care.

Integrated GP system searches/alerts alongside practice reporting, online interactive dashboards (PCN & ICB level) delivered over 12 months with quarterly training, feedback & goal setting to empower healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes.


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Key Features

Searches & Alerts*

Integrated within EMIS, SystmOne & Vision.

New version updates included


Interactive dashboards & dynamic reporting over 12 months

Clinical Guidelines

Easy to implement latest clinical guidelines and evidence based practice

Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights into patient care

* Available across the UK

Increase Efficiency

Save valuable clinical time whilst improving patient outcomes and reducing costs

Our dashboards allow you to track patient health outcomes over time, so you can quickly identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions

Virtual Clinics

In addition Oberoi Consulting can provide Primary Care with clinicians to run Virtual Clinics with patients identified from the platform


What are the Benefits?

Increase in
QOF achievements & income
Reduction in
hospitalisations &

The Oberoi Disease Management Digital Audit Platform has been developed by Oberoi Consulting

Oberoi Consulting are the people behind the data trusted for more than 20 years working with the NHS

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"Our experience of the project run by Oberoi was easy. Setting up the clinics was straightforward with specific instruction on how these were to be set up and from then on the work ran very smoothly. We chose to use tasks as a method of communicating between our specialist nurse and our GP which worked well. There is a record in the patient's medical notes for audit purposes and it also allowed the clinician to respond at a time convenient to them."


"Oberoi’s Digital Audit Platform for heart failure is a great quality improvement process. It has helped us to improve our heart failure coding, increased prevalence of heart failure patients and the input of the specialist heart failure nurses  working to local guidelines helped increase uptake of evidence-based treatment for the patients of my practice and across Eston Primary Care Network.

The feedback I received from practices was that they were, in addition able to achieve QOF and heart failure targets and related funding.

The Oberoi nurse allocated through our PCN was very efficient, contacted the practices to have access to our data so that she could carry out her work. The responses I received from patients after their recommended treatment had been implemented has improved their conditions. I highly recommend this service to other practices and PCN"

Dr Ifti Lone MBE, GP partner at Normanby Medical Centre and Clinical Director of Eston Primary Care Network in North Yorkshire

"As a large PCN with 34000, who merged into one practice over the pandemic we had an urgent need to do a deep dive into the heart failure data to identify and categorise patients. With over 500 clinical records to review after Oberoi's initial audit, it was clear further support was needed to expedite timely identification and review of heart failure patients thus enabling appropriate treatments for their defined heart failure diagnosis.

As a result, our prevalence is now well above national average and patients are benefitting from the 4 pillars of heart failure treatment. Furthermore, we have a clear coding strategy to future proof our registers.

Thank you to Amanda from Oberoi who have been instrumental in this process."

Liz | Advanced Nurse Practitioner with a Specialist Interest in HF

"Oberoi Reporting tools are much easier to use and interpret than other tools. The main benefits being; the integration into the clinical system, the real time results, the ease of use identifying patients that need addressing... all at the click of a button."

Dr Amar Ali | GPwSI in Diabetes Oakenhurst Medical Practice, Blackburn

"The Oberoi Heart Failure platform made it easy to track the impact on Heart Failure registers and number of patients optimised. And, the specialist nurses delivered robust patient centred clinical reviews, focusing on optimisation in line with the latest clinical evidence."

Professor Ahmet Fuat | GP, GPSI in Cardiology Darlington and Honorary Professor of Primary Care Cardiology at Durham University

"When Oberoi Consulting were commissioned to improve the care and management of patients with Heart Failure, in practices across Darlington PCN, they delivered a professional service with excellent outcomes for both patients and practices."

Professor Ahmet Fuat | GP, GPSI in Cardiology Darlington and Honorary Professor of Primary Care Cardiology at Durham University

"As a PCN, the platform allows us to continually track improvement across all our practices. Patients who are still not yet on all 4 pillars of treatment can be optimised using the searches & prompts integrated within our own clinical systems - providing an ongoing legacy."

Jaya Authunuri | Practice Director & Clinical Pharmacist Drs Reddy & Nunn

"Oberoi’s investigative work, to tidy the registers and patient coding, increased the heart failure prevalence across the PCN from 0.84% to 1.06% with an additional 113 patients, whilst the number of patients coded with HFrEF increased by 168.

The number of patients with HFrEF, on all four pillars of heart failure therapy, more than doubled after their input"

Dr Ben Sieniewicz MBChB PhD | Consultant Cardiologist with a Special Interest in Heart Failure and Complex Devices Heart Failure Service Lead at University Hospitals Plymouth

"The Heart Failure Specialist Nurses from Oberoi functioned independently and ensured patients were managed in accordance with our local prescribing practices.

Highly recommended."

Dr Ben Sieniewicz MBChB PhD | Consultant Cardiologist with a Special Interest in Heart Failure and Complex Devices Heart Failure Service Lead at University Hospitals Plymouth

"Thanks to Oberoi’s Clinical Heart Failure Education & Shadowing Programme I was able to start my own Heart Failure clinic.

This would not have been possible without this fantastic programme of training and shadowing.

All of the training content was delivered clearly and on-point.

I wish more pharmacist prescribers were aware of training opportunity."

Konrad Winiarek | Practice Pharmacist Clifton Court Medical Practice

Awards and Accolades

Primary Care award

Primary Care Project of the Year : Improving Outcomes in Patients with Heart Failure across Tees Valley

Health Care award

Best Healthcare Analytics Project for NHS - Stroke Prevention in AF

Excellence in Primary Care

Category : Excellence in Primary Care

Highly Commended for our Heart Failure Therapeutic Review Service

The Oberoi Digital Audit Platform is available for a range of different modules including: HF, AF, CKD, Asthma, COPD, Osteoporosis, Hypertension and Lipids.

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