PCCS and Oberoi Consulting Forge Alliance to Enhance Cardiovascular Patient Care

The UK’s largest network of primary care professionals has joined forces with leading clinical  audit specialists Oberoi Consulting to improve services and the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular disease.
With over 4,600 members, the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (PCCS) is a multi-disciplinary society reflecting the ideas and opinions of primary care healthcare professionals throughout the UK involved in managing cardiovascular patient care and improving cardiovascular health.
Membership of the PCCS is completely free for practicing healthcare professionals including GPs, GPwSIs, GP Registrars, Nurses, Pharmacists and Healthcare Assistants and includes information sharing about the latest advances in cardiovascular medicine, training and education and peer networking across the UK.

The PCCS has teamed up with Oberoi Consulting, based in Derby, which has been working with the NHS across the UK for over two decades – creating GP clinical system-based tools to support healthcare professionals to identify and optimise medication for patients with chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Over the last 4 years, Oberoi have pooled their expertise and invested to create a novel cutting-edge digital audit platform and quality improvement programme to empower healthcare professionals to validate chronic disease registers and identify patients requiring medicines optimisation, enabling proactive interventions to positively impact the lives of those with cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.

Under the partnership, PCCS members will be able to find out more about the latest innovation and accessing funding for delivery of the service for their GP Practice.

PCCS President, Professor Raj Thakkar, has been a GP partner since 2004 and his roles include Clinical Commissioning Director in planned care, Cardiac Lead for Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network and a member of the national expert advisory group for heart failure and valve disease.

Professor Raj Thakkar explained: “We are delighted to announce the partnership with Oberoi Consulting. Their novel and cutting-edge digital audit platform and quality improvement programme complements the aims and ambitions of the PCCS to upskill and empower our members by helping them to put learning into practice. This enables proactive interventions to positively impact the lives of those with cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.”
Oberoi Consulting’s Founder and Managing Director, Kavita Oberoi OBE continued: “Our service is a 12 month journey which supports healthcare professionals to improve outcomes for patients. New medications and care guidelines are being introduced all the time so, by integrating the digital audit platform with their own systems, primary care professionals are able to respond quickly, improve patients’ quality of life, reduce hospital admissions and ultimately save more lives.”
Professor Ahmet Fuat is a past President of the PCCS and is currently the society’s Education and Research Lead. On retiring as a GP after 37 years, he joined Oberoi Consulting as Medical Director.
Professor Ahmet Fuat concluded: “This new partnership is the perfect fit as the PCCS and Oberoi Consulting share the same ethos: to improve patient care through innovation, education and training.”
For more information about the partnership, visit https://pccsuk.org/through_oberoi_disease_management